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Base for Electronic Educational Sciences 2020, Vol. 1(1) 20-26

The Use of Assignments in Education

Ömer Gökhan Ulum

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Ayça Avcı
Volume 1 Issue 1

Comparison of Speaking Activities in the Coursebooks New Hitit Turkish Language for Foreigners 1 and İstanbul Turkish A1 for for Foreigners

Lokman Tanrıkulu & Esat Öncül
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Evaluation of Free Reading Texts in Yedi İklim Turkish Set For Foreigners

Mesut Gün & Abdullah Uğur
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Sentence Analysis Method in Mother Tongue Teaching                                  

Rahime Şentürk
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Investigating the Teachers’ Application of Socio-Cognitive Theory to Promote EFL Students’ Autonomy Case Study: Third- Year Students in Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla, Algeria

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Evaluate the Impact of Project-Based Learning Strategy on Vocabulary Acquisition: An Experimental Study among Palestinian Students in Gaza

Amjad Joma, Safa Migdad & Abdullah Al Tobi
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Teachers’ View of High School Principals’ Support for Meaningful Learning

Khaled Ahmad Ateyeh Alhassanat & Sonia Abdulfattah Ibrahim Shehadeh
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Explicit-Reflective Teaching of the Nature of Science for Primary School Students

Mehmet Küçük & Ozge Beyaz
Volume 3 Issue 2

An Analysis of Preservice Geography Teachers’ Scientific Research Self-Efficacy

Erdal Oztura
Volume 3 Issue 2

Education under Siege and Fire: Experiences of PBL for Leadership Skills Development from Gaza

Amjad Joma, Safa Migdad & Olivier Arvisais
Volume 3 Issue 2